Golden visa


Golden Visa, Investment Residence Permit (ARI), allows foreign nationals outside Europe to obtain temporary residence permit for investment activity (exempting residence permit to enter the country), reside or work in Portugal ( may maintain another residence in another country), move through the Schengen area without a visa, benefit from family reunification, access permanent residence (after five years and in accordance with the legislation in force), access Portuguese citizenship (after six years and in accordance with current legislation).


All third-country nationals (not from the European Union and the European Economic Area) who pursue an investment activity on a personal basis or through a company incorporated in Portugal or another state of the European Union and having a permanent establishment in Portugal.


This scheme may be obtained, inter alia, by:

- Acquisition of immovable property with a value equal to or greater than five hundred thousand euros (may be several real estate or one single; or several investors to acquire a single property of greater value, provided that each invests in a value equal to or greater than five hundred thousand euros) .

- Acquisition of immovable property, the construction of which has been completed for at least thirty years; or are located in an urban rehabilitation area, or the realization of rehabilitation works of the acquired real estate, in the total amount equal to or greater than three hundred and fifty thousand euros.


Residence Permit for Investment Activity - ARI



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