Non Habitual Residents - RNH *


This scheme came into force in 2012 and provides foreign taxpayers who have not been taxpayers in Portugal in the last five years relevant tax benefits for those wishing to establish their residence in Portugal, including citizens of other EU member countries.


Tax benefits are granted to Non-Habitual Residents for a period of ten years.



Among the tax benefits we highlight:


- Exemption from taxation in Portugal of foreign source income resulting from dependent work or pensions.

- Taxation at the rate of 20% of Portuguese source income from value added activity (Architects, engineers and similar technicians; Plastic artists, actors and musicians; Auditors; Doctors and dentists; University teachers; Psychologists; Liberal professions, technicians and assimilated, in accordance with the terms of Ordinance No. 12/2010, of 7 January.


* This information is for guidance only.

If necessary, we recommend using qualified professionals.




Reasons to invest in Portugal


Many reasons could be given for justifying the option to invest in Portugal.


From the cultural and historical reasons to the climatic conditions, the landscape variety, the mild climate, the gastronomic quality, the friendliness of the people, the acceptance of all and ending in the tranquility and safety of the places.


These are the objective reasons for the exponential growth of our country's demand as an ideal place to invest and live.

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